Some problems on standardization of mineral source (coal - based) fulvic acid (1)

2019-12-23 16:22

Conceptual problems

The concepts of mineral source humic acid and mineral source fulvic acid have evolved several times and there is still a great debate in the industry. What is the relationship between humus, mineral source humic acid and mineral source fulvic acid? Different answers to this question determine their subordination and definition.

1. Relationship between humus and mineral source humic acid

Humus is a concept of soil science, is in the natural state of dead organisms in the soil by microbial decomposition and formation of organic material, black brown, contains some elements needed for plant growth and development, can improve the soil, increase fertility. Humus is the main component of soil organic matter.

The mineral source humic acid is formed in the process of earth geography and climate change. It is possible that microbes played a role in this process, but it is the result of geophysical and chemical action that is decisive.

Therefore, there should be no direct dependency between humus and the mineral source humic acid, except to say that it is possible to be similar or close in some components.

2. Relationship between mineral source humic acid and fulvic acid

The concept of mineral source humic acid: a kind of amorphous organic weak acid mixture composed of aromatic, aliphatic, hydroxyl, carboxyl, carbonyl and other functional groups accumulated by animal and plant residues, mainly plant residues, decomposition and transformation of microorganisms, and a series of geophysical and chemical effects. Widely exists in weathered coal, brown coal, peat. Because of the molecular structure size and solubility of artificial divided into: black, brown, fulvic acid.

Mineral source Concept of fulvic acid: A group of low molecular weight humic acids, generally yellow in color, soluble in water, dilute acid and alkali solutions, also known as water-soluble humic acid.

Therefore, mineral source fulvic acid is a component of mineral source humic acid, and the two should be dependent.

In our country, the research, production and standardization of humic acid industry are mainly centered on the mineral source humic acid, the standardized terms and definitions must be based on the basis of mineral rather than soil.