Some problems on standardization of mineral source (coal - based) fulvic acid (2)

2019-12-23 16:21

Identification method problem

1. Distinguish the problem of biochemical non-humic acid substances

Now there are a lot of small molecular organic substances on the market, seemingly in line with the definition of mineral source fulvic acid, but almost all are sucrose mother liquor, amino acid mother liquor, alcohol fermentation liquor, yeast fermentation liquor and other biomass raw material sources.

2. Distinguish sulfonated humic acid products

After the sulfonation of mineral source humic acid, the molecular weight of the product did not decrease significantly, but the water-soluble group increased, not the real sense of small molecule mineral source xanthovic acid, but also in the concept of mineral source xanthovic acid.

Therefore, the identification method must be set up in the standardization process of mineral source fulvic acid, so as to truly distinguish mineral source fulvic acid from biomass non-fulvic acid organic matter and chemical soluble macromolecular humic acid, so as to better differentiate the market and protect enterprises. However, the identification of mineral source fulvic acid is very difficult. What technical means and tools are used to characterize the characteristic groups and molecular weights in the molecular structure is the main problem to be studied in the standardization of mineral source fulvic acid. Therefore, a set of practical identification methods should be established.